Left Brain Exercise

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Hello Citizens of Crossword Nation,

Dear Ones -- before you solve today's puzzle, PLEASE read this housekeeping note:

As you know, we are delighted to work with our new distributor -- Stand Alone. Our former distributor, Rumination Software, no longer handles Crossword Nation subscriptions. If you had a recurring (auto-renewal) Rumination Software subscription for Crossword Nation puzzles, please cancel it via your PayPal account.

We expect that Rumination cancelled those auto-renewals from their end. But to be safe -- please discontinue such auto-renewals from your end.

Apropos of the above -- and quite coincidentally -- an appropriate Russian proverb appears at 24-Across in today's puzzle!

Welcome to Week 490 of Crossword Nation. We present "Left Brain Exercise" as your diversion of the week.

And . . . New Yorker readers: if you're in the mood for a more challenging solve, please try my latest puzzle. 

Thank you for solving and be well. Until next time, I remain . . .

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Happy solving and be well!

Liz Gorski