Well, La-DI-Dah!

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Puzzle Notes

Dear Citizens of Crossword Nation,

Last week's New Year's crossword may have overshadowed a milestone - namely, the 500th puzzle of the Crossword Nation series. Wow. When we launched in June 2011, I wasn't sure where the journey would take me. In my mind's eye, it felt like starting out on the Yellow Brick Road, where you hesitantly make your way through the spiral before the road straightens out and you can skip towards the horizon. 

But I was sure of one thing: I wanted to enter the independent puzzle sphere in order to make puzzles in my own voice, with complete editorial control, wearing my own Ruby Slippers. 

Much has happened in the ten years since Crossword Nation was launched. There have been happy and sad times. My toughest years were between 2013 and 2016, when my mother fell ill and eventually passed away. During my visits to the nursing home, I'd sit at Mom's bedside for hours and make puzzles on my laptop. She got a kick out of that (as did the nursing home staff)! I was deeply grateful to have a portable workstation that allowed me to spend time with my mother during her final years.

I never dreamed of hitting the 500-puzzle milestone, but here it is -- plus one. And I have you, the Subscribers, to thank for making this happen. Year after year, you supported this little shop and we grew stronger with each passing season. Thank you for bringing your brain bandwidth and good cheer to these puzzles. That means the world to me!

Today's puzzle theme is a tip of the hat to this week's milestone. In case it's too subtle to be noticed at all (and that may very well be the case), we've included an explanation in the attached Solution Grid PDF

Welcome, then, to Week 501 of Crossword Nation. Yay! We invite you to solve "Well, La-DI-Dah!" as your diversion of the week. May you have a safe and happy week, dear friends. With gratitude, I remain . . . 

Cruciverbally yours,


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Happy solving and be well!

Liz Gorski