Acting Vice Presidents

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Crossword Nation Subscribers,


Today's puzzle could be presented in two ways -- with or without the bracketed info in some of the clues. One way of solving the puzzle would be to ignore the stuff in the brackets and simply solve the puzzle. The clues may look strange, but trust me (I know it's very hard to believe a puzzlemaker who says "trust me") -- after you solve the puzzle, the weird-looking clues will make sense.

All I can say is -- thank goodness for puzzle titles! This piece was a pleasure to make and I hope you'll enjoy the solve. Welcome to Week 504 of Crossword Nation. We cordially invite you to solve "Acting Vice Presidents" as your latest diversion.

Be well and happy, Dear Ones. Until next time, I remain . . . 

Cruciverbally yours,


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Happy solving and be well!

Liz Gorski