Drinking Circles

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Crossword Nation Subscribers, 

Greetings to you and yours! 

This week, while toiling away in my studio high atop the Crossword Industrial Complex on Manhattan's West Side, I engaged in an internal debate about the title for today's puzzle. The obvious title (a cute one) would have, no doubt, given away the puzzle theme. (Horrors! I have nightmares about being a Constructor-Spoiler, aka -- A Total Disgrace. ) So ... I settled on a mildly-neutral title and embedded the original one into the puzzle somewhere. Fingers crossed!

Architecturally, this grid is in the "unthemed" school where word counts are low; this one has 72 "words" (or answers). I didn't plan on a low word count but whenever you work with 13-letter themers, it's necessary to be inventive with the puzzle design.

Welcome to Week 508 of Crossword Nation. We present "Drinking Circles" as your puzzle of the week. 

Be well and happy, Dear Ones. May the Solve be with you! 

Cruciverbally yours,


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Happy solving and be well!

Liz Gorski