Poetry in Motion

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Back in the days when we used to travel abroad, we'd visit pubs to sample the brews and socialize. After a few pints, as the crowd got louder and rowdier, and as inhibitions ebbed in direct proportion to Guinness consumption -- guess what would break out? Not a bar fight. 

But rather -- poetry.

In Dublin, you'd hear pub regulars reciting verses by Thomas Moore. In Aberdeen, it was Robert Burns. In Warsaw, Adam Mickiewicz. Not single lines or snippets -- but entire verses.

I was amazed by how spontaneously the verses flowed. Later, I wondered why I didn't have a similarly-profound grasp of American poetry -- something more than "Once upon a midnight dreary ..." Why wasn't I able to recite "The Raven" in its entirety? I felt like a disgrace, and vowed to take steps towards rehabilitation. Would I let that happen again? Nevermore.

Today's puzzle celebrates an extraordinary talent who's made headlines in 2021. This month is special, as hinted by the clue and answer to 35-Across. A visual element is in play: the placement of the circles is inspired by the honoree's work.

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