It's a Guy Thing!

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Puzzle Notes

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

When you work from home and "sort of" work every day (I know I should be more vigilant about work/life boundaries), one tends to forget weekends and holidays until they are upon you. This September, Labor Day Weekend crept up on me. But, yay! I'm delighted to welcome football season, cool air and pumpkin-everything. I'm particularly grateful for the Columbia/Barnard students who are back on campus this semester. The young 'uns bring an energy and fashion sense to this neighborhood that was sorely missed last year.

To address this work/life imbalance, I am taking some time off this week to attend the U.S. Open. We're hitting one of the night sessions, wishing for some marathon matches that keep hard-core fans in their seats until 2 a.m. I've also splurged on tix for the men's final on Sunday, in hopes of seeing Novak Djokovic win the Grand Slam. He faces many tough competitors this week, but he is on fire and determined to win big. Go Novak! 

Because it's a holiday weekend and folks have more leisure time, I thought to make today's puzzle a bit harder. I bumped the word count down to 72 (themeless territory), but our Testing Council assures me that the Tuesday solving level is preserved, with fair crossings and buildable corners. Of course, you're the judge, so let's get to it! 

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Until next time, I remain . . .

Cruciverbally yours, 


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Liz Gorski