Writer's Block

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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

“I only get writer’s block about once a day”
~Sue Grafton

Leave it to Sue Grafton (the mystery author whose titles so graciously provide us with crossword clue partials like “___ for Innocent” and “___ for Killer”) to offer an apt description of writer’s block. We all have been there: blanking out in front of the computer screen, or with pen in hand.

After Googling “Cures for Writer’s Block,” these recommendations popped up:

  • Change your work location
  • Change your working hours
  • Develop a new hobby

To that end, this week I write to you from a fainting couch, at 4 a.m., while watching Monster Truck documentaries.

Welcome to Week 538 of Crossword Nation. We invite you to solve “Writer’s Block” as your crossword of the week. I hope you'll block out some time to solve it!

Enjoy, and thank you kindly for subscribing! 

Until next time, I remain . . .

Cruciverbally yours, 


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Liz Gorski