Meet the Best Man!

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Puzzle Notes

Greetings Friends!

Did you hear about the dumplings who fell in love and got married? They had fillings for each other.

At an outdoor wedding recently, I began scribbling notes to myself during the Best Man’s Toast to the newlyweds. When puzzle theme ideas spring to mind, I need to write them down. Fast. Otherwise, they’re quickly swept aside by the usual brain clutter of non-linear, stream-of-consciousness stuff.

By the time the wedding cake was served, an idea was committed to paper, and then to a phone reminder -- to be fleshed out a few days. And here we are.

One note about the puzzle architecture: Only after I finished making the puzzle did I discover that the wordcount – 70 -- is the lowest of any Crossword Nation puzzle (over 540 themed puzzles to date). When creating themed puzzles, I’m not interested in radically high or low puzzle word counts. Accessibility, literacy, fun – those aspects come first. If the thematic configuration results in a low word count – like today’s – so be it. 

For better, for worse; through high and low word counts … and ‘til puns do us part – Welcome to Week 542 of Crossword Nation. We invite you to solve “Meet the Best Man!” as your challenge of the week. Thank you for subscribing to our puzzle service. We're so happy that you're here!

Until next time, I remain . . .

Cruciverbally yours, 


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Liz Gorski