Let's Get Growing!

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Greetings Friends!

A good beginning makes a good end. ~Louis L'Amour

I hope you're enjoying this colorful fall and the cool temperatures. I'm counting on a frost to kill off the seasonal allergens that have plagued me since late August. Ragweed has me sneezing and wheezing during this time of year!

As a solving exercise, today's puzzle differs from the regular Tuesday fare in that the fill is a tad trickier than the theme. If you're a crossword maker or a reader of crossword blogs, you will recognize the lingo at the revealer. We had to rely on some tricky fill words. But not to worry: they are supportable by Merriam-Webster, the official dictionary of the Crossword Industrial Complex. If you hit a speed bump, just drive over it and move to the next clue: the crossings (along with logic, extrapolation and pixie dust) will do the trick!

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Until next time, I remain . . .

Cruciverbally yours, 


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Happy solving and be well!

Liz Gorski