Garden Centers

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Puzzle Notes

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need" ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Dear Friends,

I hope that you're enjoying the beginning of April, which promises warmer days and budding trees. Though I live in a big city, I have a penchant for small-town hardware stores. For certain home goods, I depend on our local university store. But then ... there's Home Depot. Our citified Home Depots -- while still pretty spacious -- aren't the sprawling, massive stores we see in most parts of the country, but they still provide the "basics." For me, that's spackle, trowels, painter's tape, primer and paint. It's time to paint the living room and foyer!

While shopping, I came across 59-Across, seasonal offerings and an idea for a puzzle. I think we're ready for a calm, relaxing cruciverbal interlude and I hope today's puzzle fills the bill.

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Liz Gorski